Elysze Held, Fashion/ Editor, Personal Stylist/Shopper, Image Consultant

Style Out Of The City founder Elysze Held,  Miami's best known Fashion expert, is the Senior Contributing Fashion Editor for the Miami Herald's Luxury Magazine, INDULGE, and the Stylist for South Florida's longest running New Entertainment TV  Show, DECO DRIVE. Elysze and her team of professional stylists and wardrobe assistants work in a variety of facets in the industry: Personal Shopping and Closet Editing; Profile Editorials; Designer Appearances and Trunk Shows; Corporate Style Seminars and Workshops; Editorial and TV Shoots, Red Carpet, and Weddings; Elysze is also a well known Fashion Event Emcee and hosts Fashion Trunk Shows, Panels and on-air discussions about STYLE!  As Elysze Held  is most focused on her clientale and her service, she has been referred to (by the Ritz Carlton hotels) as the "Couture Concierge", and by notable Interior Designers and Developers as "THE "Wardrobe Curator"! 

Of course if private islands and automobiles are not your thing, you can always invest in the best asset you have: Yourself. One increasingly popular trend in self-improvement is hiring a personal stylist or image consultant to help take your wardrobe to the next level. “What we wear is the first communication that people have with us,” says Elysze Held, personal stylist and founder of Style Out Of The City. “First impressions do count. I help clients learn to articulate and cement their personal look and style, so when they look in the mirror they are fearless! I work with clients to individualize and personalize an exceptional wardrobe that’s versatile, stylish and lasts!”“Right now, I’m getting so many calls from people in transition,” she continues. “For example, people acquiring a new job going from a conservative work culture into a trendier atmosphere; or from a trendy atmosphere into a more conservative one; or from career to becoming a stay-at-home mom; or someone getting back into the job market. A changeover often means a new style — you can’t change your image without some ruthless scrutiny. These are all business concepts, and successful people like to practice the same principles in everything that they do!                                                       "Worthy Investments", Brickell Magazine.

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In Transition?

Our lives evolve and change – new careers, new relationships, new life stages — but sometimes our style does not. Image consultation helps you to present to the world who you are now, not who you were then.

  • Consultation and Personal Style Evaluation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Luxury Showrooms
  • Seasonal Shopping
  • Closet Organization/Transitional Wardrobe Renovation
  • Event Styling
  • Consultation and Personal Style Evaluation
  • Seasonal Styling
  • Wardrobe Renovation
  • Personal Shopping
  • Event Styling
  • Seminars
  • Office Staff Consulting
  • Staff Uniform Coordination
  • Bride & Groom Wardrobe
  • Mother of the Bride & Groom Wardrobe
  • Bridal Party Wardrobe
  • Wedding Day Styling
  • Honeymoon Preparation/Packing
The secret of professional women who always look so put together? … Stylists. Stylists Aren’t Just For Celebrities Anymore
Forbes Magazine, June 2009