Closet Organization & Consultation

The Wardrobe Curator! With her 30+ years in the fashion industry, Elysze Held, Inc.  has developed a fool proof method to especially assist personal clients in their life transitions-to look and feel their best!

Do you have a closet full of clothes and still nothing to wear? You may have fabulous pieces … but can you put them together? The first step to closet organization:       Shop in your closet first!

Most people find their closet doesn’t seem to keep up with them. Every item in your wardrobe should feel and look completely authenthic on you. We will help you to easily see your clothes and to compartmentalize your wardrobe for the different roles you play in your life.

Cleaning out your closet and organizing your wardrobe is a liberating experience that frees space for new fashion pieces. In just a few hours, we can transform your closet from mess to success and leave you with the tools you need to keep that organized closet going. An organized closet will save you much more than time – it will allow you to begin and end each day on a note of serenity.

I work with clients to individualize and personalize an exceptional wardrobe- versatile, stylish and  one that works for their life, their figure and their budget. I ‘shop in their closet first’ and put  together pieces in ways they would not envision. (and it gives me a great insight into who they  are)—What happens as a result? Transformation! I get to change the way people see themselves,  and as a result, the way they look at the world.  The reward is in making their world better.

Check out Elysze in a "Closet Therapy" session with WSVN 7 TV Host Lynn Martinez on youtube!   Click here to watch

What they're saying

Elysze Held, Inc. is like a one-person CLOSET SWAT TEAM! She organizes the clothes, itemizes them, suggests which one to throw out, which pieces to add, and photographs outfits for reference – An added bonus was she expertly coordinated and packed my wardrobe for my trip to Europe. — Dr. Ronda Fuchs
Elysze Held, Inc. gave me a whole new wardrobe — from within my own closet! — Nancy Luria Cohen, Miami Beach